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Deduction without appropriate reason

Posted: 25-08-2017 12:42:13Naveen

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Zoomcar India Private Ltd Customer Care

Dear sir/madam yesterday I booked zoom car my registration no was JPS6TAS0E and I paid 4520 rupee for it 2520 for car fee and 2000 for security deposit. After my completion of my ride zoom car rep. Charge 300 for damage of car and he told me that 1652 rupees are refund to your account. Only 652 is refund to my account and 1000 rupee deducted by zoom car for smoking inside the car . At the time when I deposit the car that time there is no any conversation about the smoking inside the car. Today I talk to zoom car rep . She told me that we investigate the car and found ash inside the car. I claim that I m not smoked inside the car and refund my 1000 rupee they totally denied to refund that amount . They told me that we have images of car then I told them please send me those images they not send me for my side verification. This is totally disgusting act by zoom car . Plz do needful in my case . Thanks

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