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MI TV Display Issue - No proper Customer support & Tech support...Please help me!!

Posted: 14-10-2019 18:25:06Raja Sharma

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Xiaomi Technology India Pvt Ltd Customer Care

This is regarding MI TV 55 Inches display issue which was bought a year ago in Flipkart and it is having 1 year additional panel warranty.
TV is installed at my home town in Andhra Pradesh, Kadapa district , Rajampet where my parents are staying and they are 80 years old; So they spend time with TV and other activities.
On 27th Sep as usual my father switched on the TV in the morning at 7:30 AM; then he noticed only Audio is coming and no Video. We havent faced this issue since a year. So i called to customer care and informed the problem on 27th sep and they asked me to raise the request and i did it .
In the request it asked all details where purchased and invoice, order , address, contact details...etc.. i filled all the details and choose the time slot between 9 to 12 AM for nextday (28th Sep).

I received a call from Kadapa MI service at 10 AM(28th) and they told will be there in one hour to check the TV; but they didnt come ; i called them , they said it is purchased in flipkart we need your invoice details and i shared it, but no response for a hour , again i called them and told me he is waiting for comfirmaion from vijayawada service center (But not sure why he waiting for confirmation). So i asked vijayawada service contact details and i called them he told me Request is not yet assigned.
Again i called to MI customer care and i escalated to supervisor; i told all the story happens she (Vineetha) told me its yesterday itself assigned and such process to waiting for vijayawada service center confirmation; and she committed to fix the issue within 4 hours which was not happend.
Again i called the MI Customer care and escalated to supervisor and he (Eswar) told you time slot is moved to 29th Sep, I was shocked ....i didn't asked to move and i asked him without informing me how can you change the time slat ....then he said today (28th sep) between 6-8 PM the engineer will come.
As He Said engineer came to my home and he said panel is gone. Below is the conversation happend between my father and engineer
Engineer: Panel gone
Father: Any reason
Engineer : you may used wet cloth to clean
Father : we never used wet cloth to clean; sometimes we used dry cloth to remove the dust ...that to gently
Engineer: we dont know ..."apne use nahai kiya tho ...hamne use kiya kya wet cloth ...hamne ake clean kiya kya"
Father : stopped talking
Is there any next level to escalate ???

Request no: WOIN2019100500886 Registered on 5th Oct
Request no WOIN2019092800182

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