Where do all our taxes go?

Posted: 23-09-2016 14:13:53   Akitir

Government & Police

We all know the amount of taxes we have to pay to our government...pretty soon, we might even get to hear something like... "Here's your tax receipt - with some food for free!"

Professional tax, TDS, Swachh bharath cess, education cess, kisaan tax, VAT, service tax, service charge....blah blah...the list goes on! So why is that we do no see an iota of change in the infrastructures of our cities??? The ones below the poverty line and the ones faaaar above it might not feel the pinch, but the common man - the middle-class-community suffers in silence, because we cannot do squat about anything related to our governments or its adulterated policies!

Every single day i travel at least 27 kms to my work on roads with potholes. Wait...let me correct that....on potholes with some semblance of roads! 3 years ago i had a vertebrae surgery...so you can only imagine the kinda stress the roads put on my "second hand bones". Every day i curse the government and in effect...the country...for literally "seizing" all the citizens' money and filling their own pockets, while the rest of us either adapt to this "sub-standard-of-living" or just pack our bags and settle in another country that has a better standard of living and is accountable to every citizen.

Just the other day the news showed us how hollow the roads are over TankBund in Hyderabad. Torrential rains caused a gaping hole in the middle of the main road and you can see the Musi river flowing beneath it. Shortcut to Hades!!!! LOL! Not to forget the flyover that crashed a few years ago because of the rains (not even because of a hurricane or a tsunami!) THAT's THE QUALITY OF OUR INFRASTRUCTURE.

Get this....Japan was on its feet in SIX days after the deadly earthquake in 2011, that wrecked everything in its wake. SIX DAYS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! (you can see this link for reference - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1369307/Japan-tsunami-earthquake-Road-repaired-SIX-days-destroyed.html )
And even for huge assignments like a nuclear power plant....they spent 2 years in planning and 2 weeks in its construction! Imagine the sense of ethics! I'd leave it at that....

* drops mic and fades away *


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