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Weekly packs activation without permission

Posted: 26-09-2016 11:49:08Sowmya St

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Vodafone India Customer Care

Complaint against Vodafone India for activation of unnecessary weekly packs without my consent. Many such packs were activated. 

The most recent ones are as follows:
25/8/16- Dindo club weekly- Rs. 35/-
29/8/16- VIP Games- Rs. 50/-
4/9/16- Fashion bunny- Rs. 15/-
5/9/16- Movies pack- Rs. 60/-
25/9/16- Silk pack- 35/-.

These are only the recent ones for which i have a record. This has happened many times before. I want Vodafone India to refund the balance of Rs. 195/- for these packs atleast for which i have the record and not activate any such pack in the future without my knowledge. I have tried to contact them many times but received no help from them.

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