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Review - Fraud Detective Agency

Posted: 23-03-2019 14:15:20Felix Anderson

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Venus Detective Agency Customer Care

I had a requirement to gain some information about one of my relatives. As the subject was female I thought of contacting detective agency that is run by females. Searched the internet and came across of Venus Detectives in Preet Vihar, Delhi. All the feedbacks were quite positive so thought of approaching them (later I realised that all these feedbacks were only on their own portal and not a third party portal). The marketing girl was very polite and polished so I was quite impressed. She discussed and understood my case very nicely. But once I made the advance payment things went haywire. The layer after the marketing team was highly unprofessional, liers and inefficient. Without even understanding my requirements clearly they told me my case was closed within two days. After my protest they asked me to wait for 1-2 weeks. After 2-3 weeks on wait I kept on chasing them however, no one bothered to respond to my calls. Let messages but no call back. I was just left clueless. Finally, after a weeks of chasing someone called me and asked me to wait more. No apologies, instead they were outspoken and blamed me for the delay. Another week of chasing and complaining. Finally they asked me to make the final payment. After payment I had to chase them again to get the report. At one glance on the report one can tell that they did not do any investigation. Simply clicked some pictures, that too without the subject in it and give some c**k and bull story, So I lost my money to them and no work done. Their director Akriti is so arrogant that she did not bother to even pick the phone and call back to know my concerns. In summary, do not even think of approaching them. Here are the reasons why -

a.) The entire team is Highly arrogant, lier, unprofessional and good for nothing.

b.) They do not have ears to listen. Only know how to talk. Without even listening to your problems they will start talking.

c.) They take small cases just to earn money. Do nothing and submit any fake report.

d.) Only concerned in fat clients, this is as per their team's response. Madam is busy with clients. You are a customer so I will talk to you. Is it a joke.

e.) They lack empathy, don't understand that a person is approaching them because of some problem. Venus simply uses your situation to make money.

f.) Their is no documentation of your requirements and needs. Only verbal communication in between the team members. So one can only rely on their memory and the amount of information b

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