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Great Job done by Venus Detective and their team!

Posted: 16-07-2020 17:27:59Rohit

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Venus Detective Agency Customer Care

I had a nuclear family along with my husband and two kids. We both were working and children study in a convent school. Because of a busy schedule, I was not able to give much time o family. I decided to drop the job for a few years and take care of my family. When all this stuff was roaming in mind, I found something suspicious about my husband. There was a lot of change in his behavior. First I thought these things are because of me as I am not able to give much time to family. Some months passed I changed myself, but there was no change in him. Apart from it, he started coming late home giving the excuse of office workload, and frequently goes to conference meetings.
I doubt that he had an affair, but I was not sure so collecting evidence was important before blaming him. I tried to check his phone, but it was locked and he refused to share the password with me. This determines me more to find the truth. I approached Venus Detective regarding my post-matrimonial investigation case. First I asked for 7 days follow-up to observe his daily routine and to whom he met.
In the follow-up of my husband, Venus provided my day to day report along with photographs and videos. Their work authenticated and helpful to me. Many things were known and came into existence. Thanks to Venus Detective because the truth was in front of me. With their help, I could know what was right and wrong.
Thanks to the Venus Detective team.

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