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KW88 PRO ANDROID 7.0 SMART WATCH PHONE/wrong item delevered

Posted: 10/03/2019 19:06:14Abhiram

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I have ordered the watch and it was shipped after 4 days.after the emmo express are sent a message that when I called to them they told that "sir you are cancelled the order but I didn't cancelled " I told them that I didn't cancelled any thing so please sent me and they said ok we will delivery it I told ok .after 2days it was delivered & I wAs shocked when I opened it because received wrong item, I want to return that wrong item so please support mePlease send correct item so please send correct item as soon as possible send me the correct oneThank you I think you will come for replace itDown I sent the actual watch that I ordered but I'm crying today because of wrong item I have received so please www.todaylivedeal.com replace the item


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Posted on 3/11/2019 4:07:52 AM Abhiram
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It's me Abhiram if u want to call me here is my number 9949028814 & below is the watch I have ordered but they sent me wrong one


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