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You are having the baddest service

Posted: 27-09-2016 17:22:22Ashim Biswas

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Streetstylestore.com Customer Care

Now after receiving the credit note which i have to lump it, i wanted to get rid of your site & just used the credit slips to order products. Now the order got split received one of the order but the other order #858894 is yet to ship & the products which i ordered are still available & as per Your site policy it takes 7-21 days to ship so as per your knowledge 21 days are also over now. At least you should revise your policy or just shut down your business. Even for the last transaction with your site i m having trouble. You are having the baddest service i have ever seen in my entire life. If u can't ship the product just return me the goddamn money in my account & this time no credit slip.

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