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Credit card

Posted: 21-12-2017 11:22:14Mrityunjay

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Standard Chartered Plc Customer Care

Hi Team,

My application has been rejected,

My credit score is good , you took my documents and rejected why??????

You should not take the documents. Are you guys aware if you rejected my application it hamppers on my credit score.

Whi will compensate against my credit score get impacted.

Who will provide the correct answer of the rejection.

I will file a complaint into consumer forum. You guys are bullshit your bank is bullshit.

I applied because you said you will receive the card because your credit score is too good youople are fake wasting another's time for nothing. Some one asked to give the detail and shared moreover verification was done 2 time at my home after that a person has riched to my office for the verification and that person didn't wait for 1/2 hour to get the verification done. While riched office and called up that guys said the verification was completed on the call I send the detail. What a bullshit things your people are not doing fir the work avoidance, not doing job correctly and rejected my application basis on the rule and stupidity.

You guys have putted me on the negative side in the bank market and hamppered my credit score.

I need the solid reason why application get rejected.

If you guys aren't able to answer my questions

How can you do this with any of the customer which want to make relation with u.

Completely not understanding why you have selected me for the card and why it has been rejected. After what all things has done.

Your response will be awaited.

After this I got only reply like
Dear Mr Singh,

We had perused the contents of your mail and thank you for your interest in
Standard Chartered Credit Cards.

On receipt of your email , we had initiated an investigation regarding the
status of your Credit Card application

Further to our telephonic communication we regret to inform you that we are
currently unable to offer you the above facility, since your application did not
meet the certain internal criteria, as per our bank policy.

We trust you will appreciate our stance in expressing our inability to take a
deviation from our credit norms which are devised to protect the interest of our
customers as well as the bank. We assure you that this does not, in any manner,
undermine your credit worthiness or standing with our bank. It is always a
matter of disappointment when we are unable to accede to a request from our

We trust we have your understanding in this regard

After this I just reply... what documents were incorrect as you stated .

I need a valid reason don't try to make me fool.

I said I need a reason means allot..

You reconsidered my application and asked for the verification.

Without doing verification you declined again.

The information you provided is not correct. One of your representatives call me and said the application was declined due to verification.
Now you are saying aneducate documents what does it mean.

I know why it is declined because where do I live is a slam area JJ colony.This is the main reason you declined my application.

Your service. What should I say.

I have allrelevent documents and I provided which issued by Indian government.

You declined you are doing insult who live in slam area....as per you, the people who are living in slam area are not capable to use card and not supposed to get card by your bank.

This is pathetic like anything. Please provide the correct and valid answer.

#### what should I do now. There are doing as they want to do. I am feeling very insulted.

Please help me.

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