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I got only 1 product out of 2 products

Posted: 27-09-2016 17:26:05Bapi Das

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Hi, 3 weeks back i ordered 2 i kall k55 mobiles which is cost of rs.1233 (Including shipping rs.99). They shipped after 1 week. I paid rs.1233 at the shipping time. I got only 1 product out of 2 products. I complained about this, when i was opened. They responded well and return my product within 2 days. But i didn't get the missing product till now. After 1 week again i complained 4 times day after day they didn't respond well. I complained 1 more issue to remaining item. That is mobile mic is not working. Whenever i am calling they receiving and simply put it on hold. Kindly ship my product as soon as possible and take a complaint on defected one.

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