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Bad quality of sarees were delivered

Posted: 09-07-2019 14:47:42Harshada Haldankar

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Sareelelo Customer Care

I had ordered 2 sarees at Rs. 999/- each. and had to immediately return it back myself as the quality of the products are really very bad. I am writing down in detail the issues that I had to go through.

1. After placing an online order, I received a whatsapp message FROM (9726351710), I again had to send in all the details of my purchase to the whatsapp message.
2. the saree (zari designs) was a printed saree, of cheap quality - they claimed it was silk.
3. their return policy is a further pain, its not only time consuming, energy consuming but also costs money. Now i knew why they claim free delivery.
4. I had to pay Rs. 500 for courier.
5. Now they dont give refunds, meaning I'll have to order from them.
I do not trust this company. I DO NOT WANT TO BUY ANYTHING ELSE FROM THEM. THIS IS SHEER THIEVING OFF OTHER PEOPLE. SEEMS VERY UNFAIR AND CORRUPT. I haven't yet received my money back yet. I returned the product on 10th June 2019. on 15th June 2019 - they received it back. It's high time now. I do not understand the compulsion that is there to order from the same company.

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