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Posted: 17-12-2018 12:43:51RAKESH KANDARI

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Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Customer Care

I request you to escalate the issue to higher level.I have got following calls and messages but still Problem not resolved. Please see attached screen shot ,email & thru message reference number too.Its been so many days,can you Please escalate this issue .is this what we are seeking from Samsung ?
Samsung either Provide motor or change the machine.this is only i want, samsung must have some business ethics,they can not say like this- samsung had obsolete this Part & now motor can not be provided for this,
Either Samsung can make the same old motor,make old die again,give the requirement to Production or supplier Partner ,they will have to make it & after completion of quality check send this to your Pune service center.seems to be long exercise.
alternately you can Provide some machine which samsung is using those for testing in their Plant,ask your plant operation,they used to sell this to Dealer on big margin discount approx 40~50% discount,you can Provide the same machine in replacement to me.it is like that you are fulfilling your duty.
I afraid to see Samsung Product now,they do the more efforts in marketing but whenever it comes to complaint,they withdraw their hand,see the case study of IFB,we know if something happen with machine,IFB will be with us but in case of Samsung it does not seen & very beyond imagination. Plz see the past history of this machine,4 times complaint during warranty period within a span of first year of Purchasing,someone played with the quality,no one even bother to check,you shows many certification & award but no where you are excellence.it was my mistake to buy Samsung washing machine.People made me aware on this-Samsung is worst,do not buy but i resisted & did the mistake.i thought Samsung will have some good Ethics & Practice.

I cry because of Samsung washing machine,whenever i feel pain in my both wrist because i have to wash my clothes,My both wrist had Titanium rod,multiple Fracture,my baby does 8 to 9 times pee ,i again have to wash my baby clothes,i took leave specially for washing clothes because of Samsung washing machine motor which was under warranty,has been obsoleted. i used to send the clothes to neighbour's because of Samsung washing machine,i feel myself pity on this. Plz forward my email to your Plant Head,Quality Head,Operation head in Samsung plant Noida- wherever the Production is going on,they Played with quality,they must understand the customer Pain,now wherever i see Samsung Product,You must re

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