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Closure of agreement without any discussion

Posted: 08/03/2019 14:14:03Devika

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Radvision Consultants Customer Care

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I have paid them to get assistance for job seeker visa for Germany. They assisted me and I have got my interview fixed with German embassy at Mumbai. The consular officer clearly told that my degree authorization is must for this process. When I spoke to radvision about this they said they do not have any information about it and are not ready to give any proof otherwise. Without even discussing it further they closed my agreement via mail inspite of I have send them a mail to wait before any further proceedings.
I still can't understand their urgency to close my agreement without my consent. I clearly mentioned that I need time to get back to you as I am speaking to German missionary team for further process and it will take time for them to get back to me and then only I can tell radvision as what need to be done next. They not only don't communicate but send advert mails without any mutual consent from candidate. Please understand this is hard earned money what we are paying them and they should assist instead of pocketing it for no reason...

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