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Basic energy services job cheating

Posted: 18-08-2019 22:22:52Ananth296

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Prem Sankar Basic Energy Services Customer Care

A guy name Prem Sankar / Prem nandhu , he cheated more than 100 people in the name of job , as he will always tell that he will get a job in basic energy services company from Georgia and other countries and he will get 1 lakh from each student and arrange 10 students in a batch and drag all the students by telling everyday by his stories , he will give all the fake documents and fake tickets and make everyone believe he won’t get job for anyone one , he is cheating batch by batch and if someone give police complaint he will cheat another batch and give only some cash and drag time and he is cheating from more than 4 years ,, he is been booked by many cases in many police station in Tamil Nadu , and he is having lot of cases in CCB ( city crime branch )
Don’t give any money To him and don’t waste the time .


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Posted on 19-08-2019 14:50:16 Mohamed
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Yes it's TRUE...he cheated me also,don't trust this guy.


Posted on 19-08-2019 14:48:37 Mohamed
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Yes it's TRUE...he cheated me also,don't trust this guy.


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