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40% discount calculated incorrectly by 4000Rs

Posted: 14-12-2018 12:12:26mrigendra singh

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Oyo Rooms Pvt. Ltd Customer Care

Booking ID: CLWV4012.In the images, if you see, the room tariff is Rs. 29562/-. and we applied the promo code ICICIOYO which was giving us the discount of 40%. Now if we do the basic calculation, discount will be calculated as Rs. 11825/- but in the screenshot, you can see it is as Rs. 7825/-.As you can see in one picture. the 40% calculated on the room tariff 34370Rs, comes out to be 13748Rs, which if right. But on my page it's computed incorrectly as i explained above.Now it has been one month with me calling and following up every other day on twitter, emails, calls, but poor response and false commitments.


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