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OnlineDelivery.in/ Order No - 165535 - order has not been delivered/No refund

Posted: 04-03-2020 15:22:10Rasmita

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Onlinedelivery Customer Care

Hi team,
I had ordered a cake online from website "OnlineDelivery.in" on March 02, 2020. Paid amount 765.25/- where 200/- extra for the delivery charge.The order number is : 165535 and it supposed to be delivered on 3rd March. But the order is not been delivered to the address and there is no communication after that. I had been trying to call in the Contact No: +91 88 600 400 33 and sending Email: [email protected] but I am not getting any response.

Today morning (04/03/2020) , I got an email saying the order has been delivered and it is a system generated email.There is no communication on refund the money spend (765.25/-)

This a clear fraud case done by OnlineDelivery.in.
Looking forward to get the justice on this case. Thank you so very much.



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