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Parcel not delivered

Posted: 08-02-2020 15:31:03Aslam Mansuri

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ON-Dot Couriers & Cargo Ltd Customer Care

Hi this is aslam my party have courier me a parcel of 25 kg from on dot courier from delhi on 20 /1 /2020 to maharastra Vasai i have already make all payment to my party too ..As on dot courier has taken the parcel on the name of m.a creation tracking id bill is been attach tracking awd 1d 11008005340 now its almost 20 days parcel is still not received nor a tracking is been shown from on dot sides i have trying to call all customer care & on dot branch no one is receiving the call or the phone is only ringing

this courier company is fraud why is goverment not taking any step against this courier company Kindly help me to reach the parcel


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