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non receipt of booked item

Posted: 08-10-2016 18:11:25naraharisastry

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my son rewanth saisimha booked two higher engineering mathematics books for rupees 1070/- each. on 1-10-2016 we received the parcel at our given address. we paid rupees 2140/- for two books. after the delivery boy went off we opened the parcel and were surprised to see only one book in it instead of two. where as we have paid for two books and even on the cover the quantity is written as one. so i would like you to look into the matter and see to it that the cost of one book ie rupees 1070/- is refunded to me.or else we may have to initiate legal proceedings


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Posted on 08-10-2016 18:13:34 naraharisastry
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it is pathetic to know a reputed organisation like yours is decieving public


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