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LLoyd Airconditioner Model LS1138F1(G) - Service

Posted: 10-12-2019 20:07:11B & B Apartment

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Nandilath G-Mart Customer Care

I have purchased LLoyd Airconditioner Model LS1138F1(G) from Nandilath G-Mart Pathanamthitta as per invoice No. PMTA -1922403465 dated 29/06/2019. The unit was not working since 4th December 2019 and immediately I tried to contract your office by land phone from 5 PM to 9 PM and there was no luck, nobody picked the phone. Next day morning I tried to contact the same number again some one attended the phone and he said his name is Agusty and the land phone is diverted to his number. I have explained the details to him and as per his instruction i sent the invoice copy by whatsapp. Mr. Agusty promised that he will arrange to send the technician immediately. It was on 6th December 2019 and I was communicating with his many times requested the urgency as this was a running apartment for daily rent and I am loosing the business due to this. Regret to inform you that he never attended the complaint to Lloyd team until I followup with Mr. Regi on 9th December 2019. I called Regi on 9th and explained the details and sent the invoice copy to him and today evening 7.30 PM technician came and found that PCB damaged. As per his advise it will take few days to receive the PCB and they will replace as soon as it come. This is very disappointed as a customer I have purchased more than 3 L worth items from Nnadilath Pathanamthitta since last 10 months. This way of service is not acceptable as I am loosing almost R.s 20-25 thousand due this. I am planning to file a case to the consumer court regarding this. I am waiting for a proper explanation from Nandilath about this within a week.


Biju T. Alex
Managing Director
B & B Apartments
Email: [email protected]

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