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Fraudulent activity

Posted: 25-03-2020 19:22:19Kadhambari

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Money Bazar Finance Customer Care

I had call fromThis no 7044923670 they said that it apply for a loan in money bazar it has approved to you and send ur details to me and I sended to them by whatsup and they replayed ur loan as confirmed to you please u have to send 2500 processing fee and I will send ur loan amount to ur bank in 15 mins.
But they send one sms with wrong account number(which is not mine) .in that sms they had written that amount is credited from their account and debited to some other account(which is something different from my account number).and they are asking me to repay TDs amount of 9900 .

I kindly request you to consider this complaint and take action over that person and repay my 2500rs as soon as possible

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