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Fraud Company and Fraud Owner

Posted: 08-11-2020 16:03:06Suraj

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ML Galaxy Customer Care

ML Galaxy and its owner(Basant Shrivastava) is totally fraud. Not at all a trustable person, he won't keep his promise and will show his true colors after getting his full payment and then will start asking for more money. He will definitely make the event super flop. Useless person he is. He never respects people emotions and only runs behind money.
I have all his Whatsapp conversation and call recordings.
He abuses like hell, he doesn't even respect people older than him.
There are more people who help him, two of them are Radhika and Prithviraj.
I will make sure he gets sued and gets his fraud business closed asap, I am launching a campaign against him, whoever wants to join please use Whatsapp number 8177922465. I am also proceeding for a legal action against him. He should get punished for fraud he has done with soo many people.

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