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Company has been fraudulent

Posted: 29-12-2019 14:05:37Krishna

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Kfj Gold Customer Care

We have a gold scheme with Kerala fashion jewellery (KFJ Gold) which has matured and is worth 96grams of gold. It is a lot of hard earned money which came from blood made into sweat. The company has claimed to have collapsed and is looking for investors we still pray to God for everything to be ok soon and be repaid our own money. We don't need a penny extra or any benefits just the amount we have paid for (96grams) in cash or coins. We beg that customers like us not be cheated and be repaid.

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Posted on 04-02-2020 12:11:19 Yathvika
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Any update ? KFJ issued a letter stating the amount will be paid in installments. But now with all branches closed,does people have any latest information. Please comment or share any latest info you have got.


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