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Denial of passenger right

Posted: 27-09-2016 18:55:52Guddu

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Jet Airways Customer Care

This letter is written to inform you about the embarrassing and humiliating situation we had to go through by the ground supporting and boarding staff of jet airways during our journey from thiruvananthapuram to dammam in 9w 0566 on wednesday evening of 21st september 2016. We had paid extra payment for good leg space seats and as per the seat nos. Given in the boarding pass seats 24def later crew person came and asked us to change the seat. We explained that we had purchased for leg space. Soon more staff members came and talked to us rudely without bothering to listen to our suggestions like upgrade our seats, we were ready to pay the difference or give us in a writing that the money will be refunded. They not only refused our request but also made the situation in such a way that we were publicly picturized as if we had done some grave mistake and this inappropriate behavior from their part had put us in a very distressing situation. We accepted to change seats taking into account of other passengers in the flight and to avoid any delay. As we regard jet airways as one of the decently operating airways we were shocked to have like this treatment from the ground supporting staff and boarding staff. We humbly request you to compensate for the disgrace brought to us in front of all the passengers for no fault of us.

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