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Declining for change of spelling in name

Posted: 02-11-2017 10:15:44Animesh Biswas

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Jet Airways Customer Care

Sir ,my name is Dr anil Kumar biswas.recently I have booked a ticket to Bangalore from Kolkata through clear trip .and my flight has been conformed in jet airways.my flight no is 9w668.Jan 29.know the problem is I have mis typed my last name as biswad instead of biswas.as both d and s are next to each other on keyboard.I have since then requesting both the airlines as well as travel agent to correct the spelling.but they are not helping and asking me to cancel my existing ticket and rebook it again.Sir I am a middle class man who is travelling by air for the first time.so it will be difficult for me to cancel my ticket and again purchase a new ticket.as the cancellation charges will be equivalent to my ticket charges.Sir this is a human error which can be corrected but both the airlines and travel agent want to make money out of my situation .please help sir

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