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LED TV Fraud Technician and fraud company by intime service

Posted: 10-09-2019 15:05:30Avinash Avi

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Intime Services Customer Care

Pathetic servivce from the INTIME SERVICE not professional trained technician and as well as the telecallers/employee who works their it took almost 10 days to recetify my issue intiallly they took 5100 for changing some display part after changing it the clarity has decreased i doubt they have put some local part and might have stollen some other things in the TV and later 1 day again TV started to get switched of automatically for neary 100 times again it took them a week times to rectify whenever i called the intime they just used to call the local tech and connect to me and the tech used to say today it will be rectified but that still not yet came and the tech is so rude while talking saying bullshit answers raining,relation passed away he could not able to go to office so he couldnt able to install tv today and the intime employees are even more pathetic saying it will be take care on priority but i doubt do they know the meaning of that and whenever i told to connect to their supervisor or manager they never connected saying again bullshit answer manager on leave they left early and i told them to arrange call back that also not done .this is very worst service and do not go to this site for issue they never care for customer after giving them they will stole all the items for sure

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Posted on 23-12-2019 15:41:20 Devyani Mukherjee
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Same here -- all the staffs are rude..does not look like genuine company - they send the services on the name of SV Geyser which was very renowned and reliable.


Posted on 01-11-2019 13:22:30 madhu sudan
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Hi, Is the issue resolved,if yes please tell me how as i too have the same issue from the company,pathetic people with no decency and useless technicians.


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