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    Aw Shucks! Bad news….we’re trying to get in touch with the company, but they don’t seem interested in resolving complaints.
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    Complaints & Reviews from Ilance Marketplace Software

  • Ilance Marketplace Software / Ilance is a fraudulent marketplace software script

    Mike L on 24 Jan 2019

    They advertise a world class marketplace and you cannot even launch with it. It is full of bugs. Yes, to the point where you need a a complete rewrite of the code to make that world class marketplace promise actually happen. If you are an ilance user and you are reading this, please submit you honest review and do not let this evil company get away with what they have managed to do since 2008. Not a single working business site to demonstrate the script actually is being used by an online busin...

     United States |  Kansas CityKansas   Software & Games comments (0)

  • Ilance Marketplace Software / IP Infrigement

    jay on 19 Jan 2019 software designers are so inept, they ripped off and sold it as their own design for years. In addition, they cannot even program in PHP and their software is buggy and unusable; since 2008. I got scammed and was sold the sky and moon by Erin Thompson, who assists Peter Salzman in running this scam. The company is registered in Canada with a home address as their corporate address. In another word, it's a Mickey Mouse operation. Run!...

     Canada |  Grand ValleyOntario   Software & Games comments (0)

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