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Frequent Disruption of Internet Service

Posted: 22-03-2019 17:48:52jitu.sheth

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Hathway Broadband Customer Care

MyAccount No. 1168300860

I have a frequent disruption in internet service. You may see the attached list of my complaints in March. In this month the internet stopped working 5 times. The last one is on March 20th and still not reinstated despite several calls and followup only to hear 'sorry' 'it will start by evening or next day' and nothing is happening. When I request to speak to the supervisor, I have always been told 'he's busy', 'he will call you back' and never ever calls. I am in IT and my earnings depend on uninterrupted internet service.

When I requested to refund my balance subscription amount so that I go for another internet service provider, Hathway said it's against their policy.

Can anyone help and ASAP, please?

Jitendra Sheth


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