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GTPL boradband

Posted: 14-09-2017 10:25:13robin matthew

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Gtpl Hathway Pvt. Ltd. Customer Care

No body comes to resolve the problem treating customer like garbage. When I went for this plan they said there is good customer service but now no body is resolving the issue I am having network outage since 2 days and whenever I call GTPL customer service they lie to me. My work is stuck because of this and they just don't send anyone to know my problem even though they commit over the phone please help me.

Username robin_018

Please help

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Posted on 14-09-2017 10:32:37 robin matthew
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Why does GTPL do this please help me by intervening in this and asking someone from GTPL department to help me. I am fed up GTPL username robin_018


Posted on 14-09-2017 10:29:29 robin matthew
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Please help me in this issue as they don't bother to even call back to understand if it's resolved or not. Please help other customers as well who are trapped in this service for one year. Please help me. Expecting an answer


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