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Wrong rescheduling / not got proper assistant at right time

Posted: 13-06-2019 20:54:31sadaf naaz

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Goibibo Customer Care

ii have made a booking from goibio travel date was of 9 th june from the day one i m telling to resudlue the flight on 11 june and they have done the ticket for 11 july from the day one every time i was promised me to give a call but no one has given me a call i have the goibio people that i will pay the difference amount but i will not pay the resuduling charges one lady from higher management team told that she will check and let me know weather resheduling charges can be waved off or not she has promised me to give call within 10-15 mins on 10june still i havent got any call from their side still every day i m call the people and every time their are telling that i will get a call from team by end of the by not getting any proper response from goibio i have to purchased a new ticket if on 9 june only they would have told me that we cant do any you have to purchase new ticket then i would have not taken the new ticket which cost me 8.8k approx

and from the day 1 goibio people are harassing me by not given call they have promised even the manger Tushar he has promised me that he will give me a call back and still he has not I

m filing a case for harasing a customer and has promised me to give resoution by 10 june 6.30pm as a was supposed to travel on 11 june but i have not got a single call and my travel date is crossed i want refund of the ticket which i have traveled and compensation as every time i was the one who was calling to get resoution and now its 7 day i have not got any resolution every day i m taking 1-2 hrs from which i m mentally disturbed


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