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Centum One

Posted: 09-07-2019 10:18:34georgestamatakos

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George Stamatakos Customer Care

George Stamatakos is the biggest fraud you could meet. He tells you he could renew your mortgage for you and then before you know it he does title fraud on your property and evacuates you.

He even sign so many legal documents for others like lenders. He can easily create Fake documents/ID's.

He steals from every single person that he works with. I worked with this man for a very short time and could not stand what he was doing. After he would hangup the phone. He would start saying what a "what stupid n*ger or slut" or any racist and discriminatory name you can tune of. And of the customers got screwed for thousands more then they should have paid.

If this guy comes near you stay away from him or you'll loose everything and would be battling in courts for years. Please stay away from this guy and his partners!!! I hope soon he will be counting bars for a very long time.

Who is watching these people? Are'nt there supposed to be regulators out there who are responsible for protecting the consumer from these types of predatory monsters? Who do I write to expose these people for what they really are?

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