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Package not delivered (Fraud Website, Scam)

Posted: 04-10-2020 14:01:06Nishit Raj

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Fordotstore.com Customer Care

Hi,I have Hi, I have booked 3 T-shirts on the 24th of sep from fordotstore.comIt seems that fordotstore.com is a fake website.10 day and there is not even a single update I have received, Then I tried to connect them but there is no cus care available, Somehow I got three phone number from the internet, and they are asking me for a Google pay number where they will send a link and I need to click on the link. This is a Scam.Here are the details below of those numbers:9883042990 Saurav 9129962548 Arjun Singh 9330360770 8101774998I have attached screenshots of my transaction and their mail also.


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