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Unhealthy response and fleecing the customer by such a reputed company

Posted: 14-05-2020 13:33:14ASHOK KAR

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Ford India Pvt. Ltd. Customer Care

Dear Sir,
As usual I had to go to somewhere on urgent basis and I picked up my keys and tried to unlock my vehicle bearing registration No: RJ 14 CQ 2749, but after trying for a couple of minutes I was not able to get my vehicle unlocked.. I picked up my manual key and start trying to open it manually but I failed again to open the same. in the meantime i talked to Mr. Prakash Kumawat, KS service center Ford Malviya nagar who told me to insert some oil in the lock and try again after fifteen minutes. I tried again but was not able to open the lock. I lodged a complaint with the customer care on toll free No. 1800-419-2500 and appraised them that perhaps the battery of my sensor key has got discharged and please suggest me where to get it from. In the return I was told that our technician will come to your car point and will try to get the lock open or otherwise quarter glass is to be broken for opening of the lock. The phone was called from the No; 01246098001. again I was messaged that recovery van is coming soon to assist.
The recovery van reported at about 13.35 Hours and he tried to open the lock with the help of a steel foot rule where he removed the rubber sealing of the glass and body but failed to open the same. Then he asked me should i break the quarter glass and give my nod.
Sir as soon as the glass was got broken i entered the car and started it without any difficulty. I put it to reverse gear so that it could be towed away easily.
The vehicle was towed away successfully, but I fail to understand if I requested the customer care that the sensor key battery might have got discharged why didn't they understand the minor issue and made it a major issue. For want of a battery Glass panel as well as rubber sealing was distorted and i was put to loss. During this lock-down period we are already under stress as salaries have been reduced and this gesture of company has put me again to metal agony and strain.
Sir, If the battery would had been failed or discharged properly then how I was able to move the car in reverse and to and fro. Merely for want of a battery I have been put to loss financially unnecessarily.
Sir, I hope you will consider my position and appraise me accordingly so that i am not put to loss financially as well as mentally.
Previously on 26/11/2019 I had submitted my vehicle for annual service where i insisted to touch the raptured portions before coating but it was not done. I thought this being a minor issue why to complaint.

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