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Regarding defective product replacement

Posted: 28-11-2019 18:13:56Ramakanta padhy

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Flipkart Pvt Ltd Customer Care

Hi Team,
I have ordered washing machine(order id- OD116694711083742000) on october 3 2019.But when i received the product, i have found that spinner was not working.
So i have raised a replacement request but it got cancelled. When i called to customer care, they told me you have not selected the correct category for replacement. Then on the behalf of me customer care took another replacement request and that one also got canceled.
After that i got a response from customer representative,  that may be the replacement product is not available on seller side. so you can go ahead and put a refund request.i did the same but that one also got cancelled.
Again on the behalf of me customer care raised another replacement request and the last promise day of pick up was NOV 27 2019.But still now i did not get any call/message from logistic team.and this dates are keep on increasing.

Meanwhile technician visit also completed(2 times) by JEEVES(service partner of flipkart) and they have marked it as defective product. And even if technician visit was completed i am keep on receiving email on everyday as **********We have rescheduled you  tech visit will to today*********
So this request is going on from the past 1 month and I have escalated this issue many times but still there is no response.
Whenever i called to customer care they are saying -"Sorry sir. Do not worry .We are working closely with logistic team and your product will pick up very soon".
But now a days i am filling worried whether the product will be replace successfully or not.
Could you please help us to resolve this issue.Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated .  Thanks in Advance.  


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