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    AMR Tech park-1, First Floor, IT INDUSTRY NAGARATHPURA, Hosur Road
    India - 560068
    +91 - 7406690197

    Aw Shucks! Bad news….we’re trying to get in touch with the company, but they don’t seem interested in resolving complaints.
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    • +91 7406690197



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  • Events High / Payment not releaesd

    Ashwanidwivedi on 05 Jun 2019

    i hosted the event in Mumbai sold my ticket from events high company and they said there are some fraud transaction and said we won’t be able to release the payment , later they said Razorpay is not releasing the payment please wait for reply from Razorpay and later Razorpay told me that they will release the payment after 180 days and after 180 days Razorpay released the payment to events high and now events high is not paying me saying we are unable to contact customer there email ids are inv...

     India |  MumbaiMaharashtra   Entertainment comments (0)

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