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Refund of security deposit

Posted: 13-04-2019 12:39:00ANANTHA RAMA PRASAD

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Eco Pool Customer Care


As we have only once had telephonic conversation, as am a customer rented your company coffee machine for a span of 4 to 5 months through Mr Yeshas and we have returned back 1.5 months back itself, still i didn't get my deposit amount, your sales person is simply rotating us with useless reasons till yesterday,
Do you know sir, even government amount that too in a mode of loan, people are getting money thro bank that tooo in coalition govt, but your organisation is still keeping the money of the people who have taken your machine for rent and closed a long back and expecting the security amt will be returned today or tomorrow,
Looking smart and handsome by appearance does not matter, it should be thro work also, creating fashion DP on whatsup and other mode of communication works only when work what you are doing smartly without troubling or playing with hard earned money of your customers ( late)

Your person still asking for the documents and giving reason that , one auif=dit is approved another is asking so other documents,its ok as am also working as a senior accountant in MNC co. for a span of 7 to 8 years that too in audit section, though this sentence is not required but the reason is what kind of audit is done, is it the company's mode of work or your persons mode of work nobody can understand,

Even after so long your person has asked the document which is ready from past 3 days, but he is unable to come and collect till date, and he says ,after getting the document again it takes 15 days time to get my refund, what bullshit sir........... even the machine was packed and kept for more that 20-25 days and only past 2 days it has been lifted, by this only we can estimate that is the status for my amt.....................

DO you know that your company people only says that " the company is like that only" may be you tooo, but unfortunately you cant say,

Kindly now itself stop using security deposits amt from various people used to feed your customers and use some other money for it.

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