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Posted: 07-09-2017 03:17:22Surya Prakash

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dear Sir on ebay site i have booked one
i phone 6 on 21st aug 2017 with full payment and that time eBay written thet they will deliver the product within 10 days but today is 7 sep 2017 and thare is written that your payment has been done but you product not been shipped
And when i have mail to seller he said that the product is delayed due to logistic issues but in ebay site they written that they were not having proper stock and also written that first come first serve, sir my small qus to them if they don't have r whatever issues they facing at least they should clearly written there so that i will not bought that product, and when i asked for refund they said it will take 15 days my qus is why thay are taking 15 days for refund
I have paid in advance
I need that payment with interest and some compensation due to waiting of my time and money.

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