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hawkers create their fixed spot on the road

Posted: 13-10-2016 18:08:48Ujan

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Delhi Police Customer Care

A new road (Nala Road) has been built from Dabri to Sagarpur (New Delhi – 110046).It’s a main road so heavy traffic is present there. The road does have 2 way lanes. But my worry is that the people have started parking their cars on the road and there are hawkers also near on the road. At evening the hawkers create their fixed spot on the road. The 2 way lane becomes 1 way and there are streets which are connected to the road. Buses, Trucks creates the most mess here. If you want to enter the road from any street then you are unable to see the coming traffic due to the parked vehicles which result in accident. Some of the police officals are also present but no one manages the traffic or ask the citizens not to mark the vehicles.

I request you to please take an appropriate action. It is really becoming difficult for everyone to drive on the road.


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