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Dante De Thomasis DeThoma Financial

Posted: 03-06-2019 03:03:17dethoma

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Dante De Thomasis Dethoma Financial Customer Care

Dante De Thomasis essentially commits quackery, the misrepresentation of the ability of substances, devices, services, products and expertise, if not giving any deliverables at all, in exchange for money. He has taken people and businesses for thousands of dollars and continues to do so today.Do not under any circumstances work with this individual. He has evaded numerous lawsuits, taxes and consumer agencies .We don't need newbs coming into this space being burnt by the likes of these types of people and then never coming back.Don't do any financial-related business with people or entities that are not authorised to do so. Forex, or foreign exchange, trading is not for everyone, and that some scams are doing the rounds promising outrageous returns. It is prudent for everyone to realise that like gambling, it should only be considered once all your financial affairs are in order.

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Posted on 15-06-2019 18:32:26 Dethoma Financial Inc
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Hi, This is the owner of DeThoma Financial Inc. Would love to know where you received this inaccurate information from? Please call me to discuss. Kind Regards, Dante De Thomasis


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