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Unsafe Fraud Agency

Posted: 12/03/2019 07:23:30Sonika Organization

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Chintaless Nagrik Customer Care

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We were harassed for speaking up on this agency we sought help from. History Our multiple criminal case is under All Higher Commissions Now with all orders for action.  It is an established case. Multiple Criminal case involving multiple people. One associated on case is a woman so we thought to file a complaint on our own. We tried to file a police complaint in Gujarat & Mumbai since Sept 2018. Our complaint and evidence was sent to many departments and it was confusing. We took the help of an Agency CHINTALESS NAGRIK in November 2018. We paid money. We had a ready detailed complaint. We had list of Contacts Case numbers. We had all Evidence in Albums. They never sent a complaint till Jan 2019. It was a horrible one which showed they don't care. There is evidence as shown us wanting to withdraw case from this agency. Finally In February end we realised they never contacted any of our contacts and it was a mess. March first week we spoke up firmly. Then they started threatening us which is really horrible. After that we never hear from them.  Dealing with law enforcement as it is is difficult there but we worked so hard on our case going on 2 years. We reached top offices and this Agency damaged our case here which is straightforward easy case. MR UMANG AGARWAL MR KARNAV SHAH both were unethical & openly acted in a poor manner. We can't have this agency ruining our case. We waited months and now speaking out. Money is not issue but that money could go to some poor person not some fraud agency. We want to make this known. They said they would take care and they never did Furthermore they are harassing one who was patient for 6 months now. They also stated they will call directly to other person who is involved with criminal harassment. This was highly unprofessional. That is for Police to do with their help. Thank you I have shared a simple link to brief evidence. We have album of evidence what when on 6 months here. We are NRI & India so we can file here too but we tried to deal with India Thank you


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Posted on 3/31/2019 4:09:36 AM Adv Organization
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Link below with Evidence This Complaint against CHINTALESS NAGRIK was never resolved & Also they are in some small town. They did no work nor tried to resolve or show proof they did our work 7 months. We also found out they did absolutely nothing not one work but it’s good as we can register this everywhere if we want. If they did do actual work they wouldn’t have to cheat people who have it all Updated link evidence & second link available now Consulate & Ministry Contact They can’t hurt or threaten anyone It was sick to deal and then quite hilarious how desperate they are to take advantage of good people I only think about the poor people that trust these people who have no resources or money to get cheated off of https://briefcaseviewchintalessnagrik.shutterfly.com/pictures


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