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Fraud being Played about Refunding of My Fee amounting 47000

Posted: 08-09-2017 13:14:12vicky singh rajpoot

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Chandigarh Group Of Colleges Customer Care

cgc landran,mohali — complaining about refunding of my fee

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Vi vicky singh rajpoot on Sep 8, 2017
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First of all i will thanks those guys who will read it and who comes forward to help me out this situation. I am a student of cgc landra, I joined the college in july and left my ceat on 2nd august after attending two classes as my financial conditions are not good, firstly guys they tell us that their college is very good and have very good and honest staff but when you took admission the conditions will change now they will treat you like your are nothing, same thing happened to me also from 2nd august till now 8th september they are keeping me with false answer and promises that your money will be refunded very soon, it will refund on tommorow, day after tommorow. The manager of accounts department mr.sanjay sharma is also a big fraud and have told me four to five times that your money will be refunded tommorow, on wednesday, on monday etc. And the mam which they have kept on fone is also very very rude, you can also have the beautiful experience by calling at 01723984227, she told me that i will cancel your checque and also afraided me that there is no way you can refund your money if i cancel your cheque, i think she was showing his power on a common man, even he behaved rudly with my brother, friend, and father. So guys please share this complaint and show them the power of common man, and social media . there is a very big sacandel happening there in the college as approximatly 50-100 students are leaving their seats and they have came from far places and cannot came
Daily to get their fee refunded and in last they lost the hope, then the real game comes as the fee of one course is 45000- 50000 thousands and this huge amount of money they digest every year of many students as i who lives 90 km away from college is not getting my money, then how the students of haryana ambala can get their onces. So in last please share this letter so that students who lost their hopes can get their money . thank you all and if anyone can help me out from this situation call me at 7814797769.

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