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Loan repayment

Posted: 10-02-2020 12:38:52Hanif Kaderia

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CASHe Customer Care

Hi Team,
CLN # 999990000007328,
Email I'd: [email protected]
I am doing a rigorous follow up with cashe team to collect payment and close the case with NOC letter. It's been more than 2 months and I have sent dozen of email to customer care to look into it. It's seems like no one is interested. I sent an email to waive of all the penalty charges and collect the amount which I borrowed (i.e 25k) which team agreed and suggest me on 7 Jan 2020 to allow few days. Later due to no response I sent another dozens of email to get a response which they fail to reply. Suddenly I got reply on 31st Jan to allow another 5 days. Again the same is been repeated no response ... Now I feel like to move on with customer forum and rase a defamation case of unnecessary giving mentally disturb for cibil record..

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Posted on 12-02-2020 13:07:11 Casheapp
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Hi Hanif, we will check about this with the concerned team and will update you on it.


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