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Posted: 11-09-2019 13:22:09SHOBHA SV

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CASHe Customer Care

Hello Cashe Team,

This is regarding the behaviour of your recovery agents.
Agent name is Rahul (8291976339) this guy is speaking so rude and blackmailing me. Telling that if u dont make the payment today i will call your HR that this.

I need to know is that guy sensless or what, When i have borrowed money i will
repay it and if its delayed i am responsible for the penalty charges and i do payment including that and you guys telling hr . will my hr do the payment.
if so then why you lend the money to me instead of my HR.

We give our details and trust you we even make late payment charges but your
agent speaks as if he gave money from his pocket. He is shouting at me i need my money thats it i dont have any concern regarding your health issues and all.

If this continues i will complain against your company to the consumer court and will make payment in the court itself.

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Posted on 12-09-2019 14:10:48 Casheapp
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Hi Shobha, we noticed that your account is in severe default as you have not made a single payment. We request you to clear the pending dues to avoid further penalty charges.


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