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Repayment issue

Posted: 31-12-2018 15:20:28dibyani saha

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My due date was 22nd Nov but I am unable to pay within grace period which is 31st for the reason that I m in hospital since two weeks. Today, dated 31st Dec, one guy called me and I have requested him to give me time till 5th Jan but he is misbehaved with me and threatening me and my friends and family member. As a woman, I will go to lodge a complaint against your company to mishaved with a woman. See my past history, I paid within due date. Now wait for a call from police and women commission
Dibyani Saha

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Posted on 21-01-2019 15:08:03 Casheapp
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Hi Dibyani, Kindly share your contact details and CLN (CASHe account number) for our concerned team to look into the issue. Best, CASHe Team


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