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Payment Made on time but not updated to Credit Bureaus(CIBIL/EXPERIAN)

Posted: 11-01-2019 22:59:53Kiran K

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I made a biggest mistake in my life which is nothing but loan from Cashe.
I took this loan in Jan 2017 and I repaid the amount on time. But it was not updated with Credit Beureaus. I work for SW Organisation.During Project change in Nov 2018 BGC was initiated and in that report it was clearly visible that my loan with Cashe is still in Active status and I have over due of Rs.5000. My project HR called for discussion today and demaned for Credit Clearence Letter and I tried reaching Cashe for NOC but they are not responding. Now my question is why I should suffer because of these fools mistake? Seriously this is harassment and mental anguish. Please my humble request whoever is planning to take loans or who ever is having existing loans, Try to clear it off and don't entertain these ***. For all the Software Professionals Pls don't play with your careers. I feel really shame of these people, They don't have dare to talk with Customers that's why they don't have customer care number.
Finally the interest amount they are charing is very high but in the website they show very less rate. How long you will suck our blood...Is there any end for this?


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Posted on 21-01-2019 15:05:27 Casheapp
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Hi Kiran, Kindly share your contact details and CLN (CASHe account number) for our concerned team to look into the issue. Best, CASHe Team


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