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Not getting proper response

Posted: 12-09-2019 19:50:16Abhishek Soni

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CASHe Customer Care

Dear Team

I am Abhishek soni . I have taken more than 7 times cashe loan. This time I applied for a loan but still did not get any response from them it is showing under verification for last 3 days.According to them a client is not eligible to pay Rs 29 k emi but he can pay Rs 37 K emi for very short of period.

In app I am getting insurance notification where as my previous insurance itself is valid for one year but asking again deduction

I cleared the loan before two EMIs because I received a message incase I am clearing loan before due date then I am liable for refund processing fee but not reflecting till date.

The worst part they do not have any call centre where we can speak to them or they do not revert to the mail.

Now we can understand why NPA screwed up for NBFC because of these companies themselves do not want clients to provide reasonable rates but they want to chew the client while making short and unwanted profit.

The worst part is also there where they are deducting the processing fee upfront on which we are also paying interest and company keep its share in well and advance also secure its loan amount via insurance

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Posted on 13-09-2019 11:24:57 Casheapp
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Hi Abhishek, kindly share your contact details along with your CLN or registered mail id for further assistance.


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