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Need 3 months of extention

Posted: 28-03-2020 21:49:38Lub

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Hi All,

This is regarding the repayment of my emi's. I was working with ADP private limited at hyderabad. For career change i left the job and gave interviews in three companies. Suddenly coronavirus pandemic bursted out. And my interviews kept on hold. Due to this reason i am jobless. I have no money to repay my emi. When i wrote emails and explained the situation rather saying something good. You guys informed me over the phone what should we do that is not our problem arrange the money and pay and she started abusing and cursing me. I disconnected the call asked for a manager over the whatsap chat. She ignored. I wrote emails asking for time. You guys emailed me back with a generic statement. Now again today a person called started abusing and had a chat with whatsapp. Kindly go through the start and see how disgustingly he chatted with me. You can check my payment history. A two years back when i left my job. I still paid the emi on time. This time is different. No source of income as of now. I have no money to eat how do u expect me to pay emis. I am ready to pay intrest as per the rbi we can now defer the loan for 3 months exculding intrest. How dare you guys talk to me like that? I need these people to be terminated from the jobs. I am going to take this case on a high level of escalation . I will raise a police complain against you guys that is for sure.



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Posted on 30-03-2020 16:33:06 Casheapp
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Hi Lubna, we'll forward your request to the concerned team and they will reach you for assistance.


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