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Mandate Registration

Posted: 23-08-2019 19:49:42Ketan

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Dear sir i have received massage from HDFC bankSuccessful debit mandate registration from my account to Cashe amount Rs:-99999/-I cant understand please solve my problem.Successful Debit Mandate Registration D8sqqMGT74xJU7 for ADHOC pymnt from A/c xxxx7635 to CASHe Ref no.. D8sqqIoirqFNVl Upto Rs. 99999.00 valid 22-Aug-2019 to 22-Aug-2029

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Posted on 07-01-2020 15:13:41 Sudhakar R
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How to Repayment pay now


Posted on 11-09-2019 17:12:58 Siju XS
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Im actually amazed as to how this part is so casually skipped and not explained one bit. This will obviously confuse the heck out of people who see that amount there and a 6 month loan with an end date of 10 years. This should be a big fat shiny warning disclaimer when u open the app. I had to search for 20 minutes just to find that this is actually normal. What you say makes sense, don't get me wrong. I know you guys bypass a lot of stuff to grant us these loans and hence we must understand the limitations when it comes to these "missing info" kinda stuff. I hope this is taken care of because your app looks wonderful and quick. Except for this jarring bit of missing info.


Posted on 28-08-2019 18:51:29 Casheapp
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Hi Ketan, please note that the final screen will show an overview of your details along with a maximum limit amount, start date and end date. The maximum limit amount of INR 99,999 is a default amount set by Razor pay which does not represent your EMI amount. The start date reflects the date on which the E Mandate request is being placed and end date is a default date captured by Razor Pay. We wish to inform you that E Mandate request will enable auto debiting your EMI amount as per the scheduled due date and has been made mandatory for all CASHe users. Let us know if you still wish to cancel your loan request.


Posted on 28-08-2019 10:27:40 Casheapp
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Hi Ketan, kindly share your contact details along with your CLN or registered mail id for further assistance.


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