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Loan Recovery /Usage of Language

Posted: 17-08-2019 12:28:55Annraj

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CASHe Customer Care

Hello Team,

Please find the email which was sent in the month of May marked in blue.

I had an outstanding amount of 73000 and now you guys have charged me an Exorbitant interest.
I will pay the amount in splits as i am going through a financial crunch.

Please waive off the extra charges so that i can pay it and settle.
Your executive Nagesh calls and speaks offensively as if he has given me the amount,inspite of me telling i'd return the amount but need time he speaks rude and uses foul language which is not at all professional.
I had already mentioned that i am running through a loss of 8 lacs due to which i need some time.
My whole salary is being diverted to the loan sharks.
I understanding you are following up to recover the amount but i need your assistance to settle this amicably.
I do not want the executives calling and speaking foul language with me and my family or friends.
Nagesh calls my friends and family and tells that i am a 420/ and am not interested to pay and all stuff when i am willing to pay.
If i do not pay the sole reason would be Nagesh's language and his approach which would want me to be a criminal.
Till now i haven't run away from anything why on earth would i stop paying a company which was by my side during emergency.

Also note : Even if you call my friends or family nobody would own that they know me reason being i am under loss of 8lacs.

Please Note: I will receive some amount by end of this month or start of next month i need time till then ,and also i cannot pay amount in bulk as i cannot apply for a loan with you guys due to my track record.
Hence i request you to kindly assist by giving more time.

Thanks and regards,

From: Cashe Recovery
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2019 11:22 AM
To: Anuja CR
Subject: Default payment reminder

* This e-mail originated outside of Mindtree. Exercise caution before clicking links or opening attachments *
Dear Anuja C R,

Loan Request Id_290250
Overdue principle amount_Rs. 65866/-
Penalty due_Rs. 7904/-
Total Due Amount _Rs. 73770/-

You have miserably failed to release the payment.

You are hereby notified that as per the rules, it has been decided to go ahead with the proceedings as you have deferred repayment. Therefore, demand is hereby made upon you for repayment of the due balance amount of Rs. 73770/- to repay it immediately so that we can halt the actions.

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Posted on 28-08-2019 18:51:56 Casheapp
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Hi Anuja, we have replied to your queries via email.


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