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Loan cleared, but again 28,896.50 debited from my bank account on 30-MAR-19

Posted: 02-04-2019 10:26:04kiran Setty

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I took a loan of 90000 (with 3 installments 1 st emi 33,333,2nd emi 33,333,3rd emi 33334).I have paid 1st emi on time (33,333).Later due to some personal issues I was not able to pay the emi's .They have abused all my family members and collegues with very worst language
all these time .After couple of months , I have received a call from one of the cashe executive named venkat (8148998162) .He said "you can settle your loan amount with 74833.5/-. I have arranged and paid the funds on the same day (12th March 2019).But after that venkat/cashe never responded to my emails and calls. But I started receiving overdue emails again from cashe .After 13 days of time received an email from cashe

"Hi Kiran,

Greetings from CASHe.

We have forwarded your request to the concerned department and they are working on it. Your loan account is under process to be zero-wised. You would receive the NOC within 15 working days, kindly ignore the mails and messages.​

We request your patience in the interim.

For more information, please visit CASHe's FAQ section at https://www.cashe.co.in/faq or for any other queries or further assistance please reach out to us at [email protected]

Thank you,
Team CASHe"

I am little happy that I am getting NOC from cashe .Here is the twist .An amount of 28896.50 has been debited from bank account on 30th march 2019 with out my knowledge .I am completely clue less now.


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