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Emi Swipe Card

Posted: 28-06-2019 12:56:26Sandeep Sharma

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CASHe Customer Care

Hi Team

As you aware from your team we have received EMI CARD mswipe like that card and my limit is Rs10,000/- .But whenever i got to merchant shop to buy and purchase any item that time your card EMI CARD is showing decline Status while paying the amount by card .
my card is active then also is showing decline/ invalid

then what the use of giving this mswipe card to customer and after all no use of it .please look into this and take this on priority .

(As i m already existing customer of cashe from past 3 years )

Sandeep Sharma

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Posted on 17-07-2019 14:13:24 Casheapp
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Hi Sandeep, Request you to send us an email with the error from your registered email id on [email protected] Best, CASHe Team


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